Your destiny for the perfect specialty cutting solution with the unique capacity for the largest, cleanest and most precise cut this side of Pretoria.

Waterjet profile cutting is most often the only professional solution available to successfully cut reflective metals and special metal alloys without altering the composition of the meterial associated with heat processing.

Waterjet profile cutting is your best choice for high precision cuts requiring a high accuracy level of 0.15 mm tolerance and with a capacity thickness of up to 100 mm.

A list of unique materials that will benefit from waterjet cutting, is the following:

Metals: Hardox, armox, bennox, armour plate, brass, copper, aluminium, titanium, tungsten, tool steels and stainless steel.

Non Metals: Foam, rubber, vinyl, glass, armoured glass, stone, plastics, polycarp, polyethylene, plexiglas, marble, laminates and tiles.


For the most precise cut in and around Pretoria, we boast about our largest custom waterjet profile cutting bath. We offer a maximum cutting surface of 5.9m x 3.2m x 120 mm (LxWxH). It gets even better, we can process 2 side-by-side jobs simultaneously.


Our laser cutting services is projected to the hobbyist and decorative enthusiasts. We will facilitate your need for a quick and cost-effective solution to totally unleash your creative talents and speed up the delivery of your products to market.


When quality is not a premium but rather cost efficiency, we can provide you with inexpensive plasma cutting solutions. However, should quality be somewhat of a premium, we offer in-house machining to provide collect-and-go parts for immediate use.


Our assembly services provides time-saving solutions to you and ensures quality fabrication of your objects and parts. Primed and ready for immediate use. Our integrity, honesty and timely delivery are the perfect gift and solution to your need.